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Wedding At Cana Commentary

It seems that jesus’ family had close connections to the event in cana. Some others say, it was another cana, near to capernaum.

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This should be regarded as a pleasant but unlikely story.

Wedding at cana commentary. The account of the wedding feast may seem insignificant at first glance, but upon careful reading one discovers an One old tradition says that this was john the gospel writer’s wedding, and he left his bride at the altar after seeing this miracle. The groom provided wine at the wedding.

The sign above the wedding church door at kafar kanna (cana) it reads: Jesus and the disciples were invited to a wedding in the town of cana. This cana is concluded by most interpreters to be the same mentioned, joshua 19:28, which was in the tribe of asher, which was in galilee:

The passage in our time One of the customs was providing an extravagant feast for guests. It reminds me of how hebrews describes the old covenant (given at pentecost, by the way) as weak, useless and obsolete (heb 7:18, 8:13).

Homilist commentaries on the wedding feast at cana. Marys’ greatness is that she points and leads us to jesus through her own word and example. Jesus of nazareth took time out to attend a wedding feast in the village of cana, with his mother, mary, and his first few disciples.

The commentary on the wedding feast at cana reveals the mother of jesus as the mediatrix of all grace. On the third day there was a wedding in cana of galilee, and the mother of yeshua was there. There were many people at the wedding.

Jewish weddings were steeped in tradition and ritual. Changes in the use of water in stone jars from ritual washing to wine. Jesus’ “first sign” ( john 2:11 ), changing water into wine at a wedding in cana, lays the foundation for understanding the subsequent signs.

It’s a dual ceremony, man and woman (both unidentified) and christ to the church. On the third day there was a wedding in cana of galilee, and the mother of jesus was there. At this wedding feast was the virgin mary, our lord’s mother;

By referring to jesus’ miracles as “signs,” john’s gospel shifts attention away from the miracle itself toward the greater eschatological reality to which it points. It is not cana but “a wedding” that is most determinative for the context of the pericope. Jesus and mary always act in unison.

Prophetically, the cleansing is seen as being done after the third day, and there was thus no purpose for the 6 stone jars. And it is probable that the persons for whose marriage the feast was solemnized were some of the virgin’s kindred or near relations. We don't know where this wedding was, but the indications are that it was in a vibrant, busy community, where families lived close to each other and knew one another.

Commentary on the wedding feast at cana. Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding. Though some try to deduce a symbolic significance in cana, the only significance that can be deduced is that it serves as a narrative place marker, since the first section of the gospel story begins and ends in cana (cf.

It “revealed his glory,” and as a result “his disciples believed in him.”. Indicative novelties at the wedding at cana include the following: The wedding feast at cana involves both themes.

At this family wedding in cana at which mary and jesus were invited guests’, mary is concerned about. The cana marriage is the only occasion in sacred scripture where mary, the mother of jesus, is mentioned before him. John's gospel makes quite a feature of the wedding at cana.

She had been invited to the wedding too. She is not asking us to do anything she has not already done herself. The purpose of this commentary is to explain the immaculate’s maternal mediation in light of the gifts of the holy spirit and the theology of justification.

Every three years, the cana story is read, and is the likely. Introduction in this exegetical paper i will be taking a look at the wedding feast that occurred in cana as documented by john’s gospel in the second chapter, verses 1 to 11. He was there as a guest.

We can hypothesize, however, and we have some old testament prophecies to help us piece together some possibilities. It seems to me that at the wedding at cana, the metamorphosis of jesus the man into jesus the man/god, which began in the jordan river, is completed. Mary, his mother, was also there.

In today’s passage, we begin to study the first of jesus’ miracles, his turning the water to wine at cana. Only the servants who had drawn out the water from the jars knew where the wine had come from. After the wedding they had a big wedding feast.

This latter wedding being the basis of every priest taking the church as bride in ordination. This is also believed among some followers of new age thinking. There was a wedding at cana and the mother of jesus was there.

As in most eras, weddings were great celebrations, occasions of congeniality and lavish hospitality. The wedding feast at cana i. This is no parlor trick done to attract attention to himself.

The wedding feast at cana story is part of cycle c of the liturgy in the christian church. The final verse tells us the miracle at cana is the first of jesus’ “signs.”. When they arrived at the wedding they saw jesus’ mother, mary.

She does not seek or ask for any attention for herself. Changing scoops of water into wine is a case of sustainable miracle and foretaste of the latter wedding feast! In the wedding at cana, it was already the third day.

Saint john tells us that jesus went to cana for a wedding. It is very likely that it was one of her relatives who was being married, and possible that she was present at the wedding before him. We are told that on that “third day there was a marriage in cana of galilee.” the wedding took place in the galilean town of “cana.” the exact site of “cana” is not known, but it was apparently located north of nazareth in the hills of lower galilee.

They celebrated and ate lots of good food.

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